52 week photo challenge

Now with themes!

Week 27 theme: Half

July 2 2013
We are just over half-way through this Photo52 project. In the spirit of this mathematical importance, this week’s theme (by Mark) is Half.. Create a photo that represents the concept of half.

Week 26 theme: Favorite color

June 24 2013
This week’s theme by Allison is Collage of your favourite color. Make a collage of your favorite color. Maybe make a theme or story with the collage?
Here are the photos for week 26:

Week 25 theme: Enhancing Images

June 17 2013
This week’s theme by Sarah is Enhancing Images. Take a photo (or use one you’ve already got) and edit it to improve the image. Crop, brighten, change colour, focus etc… Post your before and after. You could mention the changes and program you use but that’s not mandatory.

Week 24 theme: Repeating patterns

June 10 2013
Congress 2013 is over and we return to our normal routines. On this note, the theme for this week is Repeating Patterns.

Take a photo that has obvious repeating patterns, shapes, lines, colours etc. Get close and fill the frame with the pattern, or try different angles and focal lengths. Have fun!

Here are the photos for week 24:

Week 23 theme: Critique

June 8 2013
We almost missed a week, what with Congress 2013 and all! To keep the project going, this will be a short-week theme: rummage through your digital shoebox and choose one photo that you are really proud of. In your post, write about how you took the photo, the story behind it and why you like this photo.

Here are the photos for week 23:

Week 22 theme: Bird’s eye view

May 28 2013
This week theme will be Bird’s eye view as chosen by Allison. Time to climb some buildings, trees, mountains and take a bird’s eye perspective.

Here are the photos for week 22:

Week 21 theme: Recreate a famous photo

May 19 2013
This week theme will be recreate a famous photo. Choose a photograph (or a painting) that you really like, and then recreate this photo as closely as possible. Some interpretation is acceptable.

In your blog post, provide a link to the original photo with author’s name, etc.

Here’s a Google image search that may be helpful!

Aaaaaaanndd…Here are the photos for week 21:

Week 20 theme: Door

May 13 2013
As chosen by Sarah, this week the subject of your photograph(s) is a door. Open or closed, large or small, your choice. Use it to frame what’s inside or capture it as an example of architectural uniqueness.
Happy Shooting!

Here are the photos for week 20:

Week 19 theme: Hidden from view

May 5 2013
Super spy Allison encoded the following message: This week’s theme is Hidden from view. Time to skulk about looking for something others may pass by… don’t get arrested while doing it though.

Alright! Put on your balaclavas and start sneaking about. I’ll bail you out of jail, promise!

Here are the hidden photos for week 19:

Week 18 theme: Shadows

April 28 2013
Mark’s turn: This week’s theme is shadows. This is great time of year for photographing shadows, especially in the morning or late afternoon. Don’t just include shadows in your photographs. Instead, try and frame them such that they are the main subject of your photographs.

Here are the shadowy photos for week 18:

Week 17 theme: Green

April 22 2013
Sarah sez: Today is Earth Day…so our theme this week is green. Interpret freely, but try to keep Earth Day in mind (so, not green neon lights for instance, something more earthy…)

Here are the “green” photos for week 17:

Week 16 theme: hu·man·ize (hym-nz)

April 15 2013
This week’s theme, phonetically chosen by Allison, is humanize.

hu·man·ize (hym-nz)
tr.v. hu·man·ized, hu·man·iz·ing, hu·man·iz·es
1. To portray or endow with human characteristics or attributes; make human.

Here are the photos for week 16:

Week 15 theme: Multiple perspective

April 8 2013
This week’s theme, as chosen by Mad Mark, is Multiple perspectives.

This week’s challenge is to look at new ways to take photos of a subject. Take one photo of your subject how you would normally see it, and then take at least two more at different angles and perspectives. The subject can be anything you like.

To get a different perspective, try shooting the subject using a different aperture, changing the composition, or try a new technique (like panning or racking the lens).

Have fun!

Here are the photos for week 15:

Week 14 theme: Cellphoneography

April 2 2013
Sarah choose this week’s theme: This week I want you to iPhone it in! That’s right, put aside your dslr’s and shoot with your exCELLent phones this week. Filters and adjustments allowed and encouraged!
Here are the photos for week 14:

Week 13 theme: One of these things is not like the other

March 24 2013

Allison sez: One of these things is not like the other. Specifically, something co-existing in nature that shouldn’t be there. Time to go outside into the spring weather!

Here are the photos for week 13:

Week 12 theme: Framing the Composition

March 18 2013

Mark says: OK, week 12 theme is framing the composition. Use other elements (trees, walls etc) in your composition to add depth and perspective.
Here are a few helpful links:

Here are the photos for this week:

Week 11 theme: Letters

March 11 2013

This week’s theme is simple: letters! 

Here are this week’s submissions:

Week 10 theme: Personal talisman

March 4 2013

A personal talisman; the Oxford English Dictionary describes it as “anything that acts as a charm”. An item you keep on your person–whether it’s in your pocket, your backpack, your car–that means something to you. Does it make you laugh? Does it remind you of someone, or something? Or is it just something that you’ve always had around and you really don’t know why?

Here are this week’s talismans:

Wait!! Weeks 1 – 9 can be found here

Week 9 theme: The cliche

February 24 2013

Week 9, time to take the bull by the horns and choose a theme for this week. I batted some ideas around, and this week’s theme will be an about face. Yes, I am talking about cliches. Love them or hate them, cliche’s are a colourful part of our language.

For this weeks’ challenge, take a photo that depicts a cliche.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Light at the end of the tunnel

Don’t bang your head against the wall on this one!

And here’s the cliches for this week:

Week 8 theme: Long exposure

February 17 2013

Sarah sez: This week’s challenge is long exposure. Basically, anything longer than a quarter of a second or less that shows a bit of movement/blur or something like that.

And here are the submissions for this week:

Week 7 theme: Familiar alien

February 10 2013

This week’s theme is ‘familiar alien’ by Allison. Take a photo of something that is common and everyday in your life that looks bizarre and strange out of context.

Here are the submissions for this week:

Week 6 theme: FOAM

February 3 2013
This week’s theme is FOAM, as chosen by Mark. Now, before you get all giddy and break out the Palmolive, notice
the capital letters there? FOAM stands for Food, Outside, Myself and Abstract. This week’s challenge is to take a photo of food, outside, something abstract and myself (meaning you, don’t come around takin’ photos of me!) and then make a single composite photo.

Kid’s stuff, you say? Well hold on! To make this a bit more challenging, I want the four photos to tell a story. For example, I did a FOAM project awhile back, telling the harrowing tale about making blackberry jam:

FOAM example

FOAM example

Now go forth and shoot them photos! And hey, be safe out there.

Here are the photos for this week:

Week 5 theme: Look up

January 27 2013

This weeks’ theme is “Look up!” by Sarah. Quite a few ways to interpret this one. Have fun!

Here are the photos for this week:

Week 4 theme: Mirror World

January 20 2013

All right, here we go! The theme for week 4 is “Mirror World” as chosen by Allison. Take a photo of a reflection. Could be a good opportunity for some self portraits?

Here are the photos for this week:

Week 3 theme: We go together

January 13 2013

This week’s challenge is “we go together” (take inspiration from this song). Take a photo
of two things that always seem to go together. Like carnivals and tooth decay. Nerds and sci-fi conventions. You get the idea.

Is that song stuck in your head yet? You’re welcome.

Here are the photos for this week:

Week 2 theme: A part of you

January 07 2013

Week 2 theme is “A part of You” as chosen by Sarah. Interpret as you wish. I see macro photos of tongue and fingernails in the future!

Here are the photos for this week:

Week 1 theme: Transition

January 01 2013

The project is on! Week 1 theme, as chosen by Allison: Transition. An interesting choice, as we roll into the new year, a time of reflection and change.

See the gallery below for the submissions for week 1. We are off to a great start!